Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

A Wrate Engineering Co recognise the expectations of their customers in demanding a quality product, at the right price, on time, every time. To ensure this, the company have invested in the implementation of a Quality Management System based on both the needs of the company and the expectations of their customers.

Close liaisons with all key suppliers to ensure that only products and services, which fully conform to requirements are available to our customers and encouragement of those sources to join with us in a commitment to a zero defect environment, both in terms of product and service quality.


We have invested in the latest measurement technology to ensure that product meets and where possible exceeds the customer’s stringent requirements. This includes our Axiom Too 600 CNC CMM with Aberlink 3D and CAD Comparison Software. The use of CNC driven co-ordinated measuring systems using a variety of file and modelling formats allows the measurement of intricate geometry and form.


A Wrate Engineering Co are pleased to offer full traceability back to original mill certificates when requested at the ordering stage. All manufacturing batches produced will be accompanied by a signed Delivery Note/Certificate of Conformity assuring customers of the integrity of the supplied product.

All manufacturing batches are traceable through the unique job numbering system controlled through the dedicated MRP system, giving status reports on all work in progress.

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